The ONLY speech worth defending is the speech you despise. Nothing else needs defending.

More than 13,000 medical and public health scientists; more than 40,000 medical practitioners; and nearly 1 million citizens have signed the Great Barrington Declaration, stating that they are very concerned about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of our prevailing COVID-19 policies.

Our current policies kill more people than the virus.

We need focused protection, not universal mandates.

Dr. Alfie Meek is an nationally recognized economist and the Director of the Center for Economic Development Research at Georgia Tech.

This is Dr. Meek’s personal website and is NOT affiliated in any way with Georgia Tech.  Any opinions expressed here are solely those of Dr. Meek and do not represent Georgia Tech, the Georgia Board of Regents, or the Governor’s COVID-19 Taskforce.

In addition to his work at Georgia Tech, Dr. Meek is also the President of the Economic Impact Group, LLC. (EIG), a consulting firm that specializes in economic and fiscal impact analysis supporting state and local economic development.  Founded in 2002, EIG helps clients understand how development impacts the local economy; how to measure, track, and forecast local economic performance; and how to calculate the return on tax-based economic development incentives.

EIG is also the sole provider of LOCI™ — the nationally recognized gold standard in fiscal impact analysis software. Licensed by dozens of communities across the country, LOCI™ helps users understand the true cost to local governments of development and development incentives.  Subscribers include cities ranging from Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas to South Bend, Indiana. And not only cities, but local economic development authorities from InvestAtlanta in Georgia to the Sioux Falls Development Authority in South Dakota have utilized the LOCI™ model to give them a strategic advantage when negotiating with economic development prospects.  To learn more about the LOCI™ model, please visit