Want alfie.com?

I get several e-mails each month from people wanting to purchase alfie.com. Requests have come from all types of people…small business owners, investment bankers, domain brokers, and even a British magician!  Offers have ranged from $100 to $100,000 and I have given them all the same message…alfie.com is NOT for sale.

However, as a professional economist, I realize that virtually everything is for sale at some price. I have owned alfie.com for more than 20 years and I use it as my personal and professional site. It is a very unique, premium 5-letter, .com domain name. According to Google Search Analytics, there are 1.5 million searches for “Alfie” every month! So, after much deliberation, given the personal, political, and professional equity I have in the domain, I have decided that I would be willing to part with alfie.com for a mere $1.1 million. If that is more than you are willing to pay, please don’t bother to contact me.