Below are links to various common economic charts/data that help inform how the economy is performing. Many of these are used in the various presentations Dr. Meek gives across the country.

At the bottom of the page you will find links to the latest economic releases.

Economic Releases:

Schedule of all economic data releases: (HTML)

Employment Situation: (PDF) (HTML) (Charts)
Real Earnings: (PDF) (HTML)
Consumer Price Index (CPI): (PDF) (HTML) (Charts)
Producer Price Index (PPI): (PDF) (HTML) (Charts)
Employment Cost Index: (PDF) (HTML) (Charts)
Retail Sales: (PDF) (HTML) (Charts)
New Home Sales: (PDF)
– Quarterly home sales by price: (PDF)
New Residential Construction: (PDF)
Total Construction Spending: (PDF)

Economic releases specific to the Southeast