In the Media

For the most part, Dr. Meek does not accept media requests for interviews or comment on his research or current political/economic issues. This stems largely from the fact that those who represent themselves as “journalists” usually aren’t. They aren’t interested in facts or analysis…they are interested in advancing a pre-determined narrative and will selectively edit and take words out of context to meet their objective. In short, there are very few journalists today….most are propagandists.

However, on occasion, Dr. Meek’s work is referenced in the media and/or a client has specifically requested media contact as part of a research contract. Some of those instances are listed below.

Dr. Meek appointed to Gov. Kemp’s Coronavirus Task Force:

Rural Jobs Coalition Applauds Kentucky State Rep. for Legislation to Unlock $150 Million for Rural Small Businesses
February 2019
Group OKs moving ahead with new south Forsyth city
November 7, 2017
Losing our Fortune 500 companies should be a clue
February 21, 2017
Kenmore Flops Alfie Smart Shopper Online Branding
September 16, 2016
St. Simons Island incorporation would burden Brunswick
June 28, 2016
Who’s running for Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners District 4
April 29, 2014
Economist Alfie Meek paints bleak picture
October 23, 2013